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Technical Writing or Report writing has all of the same goals as any novel: to be read, enjoyed and recommended to be read by someone else, and someone else and someone else. . .

The place where non-technical writers fail miserably is when trying to create a technical document and having little understanding of their topic. One cannot simply “fill-in” a story around big scientific, engineering, or medical words and concepts. The document needs a spirit that will talk to, not at, the reader. Think of the last time you tried to follow an instruction-sheet for something like a new “set-back thermostat.”

MA Sala is an Engineering Physicist, a scientist, that knows how to talk to people; can simultaneously be a geek and the life of the party. Can take your technical, scientific, medical documents and breathe into it a life so, at the end, there will be no question as to its mission, design or application.

Typical applications are:

  1. Pre-patent Application – the document that the inventor gives to the Patent Agent or attorney. Although highly competent at their trade, patent attorneys can be profoundly non-technical, and if you don’t spell it out, they may not ask and you will lose potential patent rights.
  2. Lectures - I will either write or write and deliver.
  3. Engineering Reports – why something failed, worked or should be done
  4. Service Manuals – how to fix something when you weren't lucky enough to have the “inside-track” at the factory
  5. Project Proposals – “I want to do this project, but here is why you need to fund me”
  6. Failure Analysis – It broke and here’s why and how we can prevent it from happening again
  7. Testimony – Convincing a non-technical audience that someone is or is not at fault for a loss of life, limb or property due to design, maintenance or criminal negligence
  8. Policy and Procedure – This-is-why-we-do-it-this-way and this is how you will do it. An example is JACHO in the hospital environment or How to Clean the Ultrasonic Disrupter, V1
  9. User’s Manuals – How to properly and effectively operate a tool, machine, device or system
  10. This list is non-exhaustive.

An estimate is free for the asking; a contract proposal, depending on complexity, may incur a fee.

A nondisclosure form must be signed-off before any work is completed.

Rate is typically $150/hour - for non-contract situations.