Martin Sala   Measurements Scientist – NDE Expert/ Engineering Physicist

Main Street, Campbell, NY  14821
(607) 769-6385

Objective – Examining an active or static process in minute detail while contained inside a sealed box and inventing the means to accomplish this is my specialty. Whether it is the understanding of circuit flow in a sealed competitor’s product, physiological monitoring of a rat’s brain during an experiment or looking through layers of earth to locate hidden treasure, I continually bring new dimensions of NDE and measurements to the Customer.

Extremely energetic, a gift for solving complex problems in a fast-paced environment, exceptional interpersonal skills, committed to excellence, I have an innovative and challenging spirit, new innovations and products are always in the offing; a cross-functional/multi-disciplined geek-with-personality that is able to communicate at all levels; more importantly are abilities to define what the Customer really needs versus wants. Demonstrated Accomplishments as Electronic Engineer (EE).

This includes, but not limited to: Harsh environments found in the manufacture of glass and ceramics, analytic scientific instruments, non-destructive evaluation (X-ray, CT, MRI, Confocal microscopy, ultrasound et cetera), Atmospheric, terrestrial and oceanographic; spectroscopy, Optical Fiber manufacture, Fuel Cells, Semiconductor Manufacture and the design and application(s) of nano-particulates.

By leading projects concerned with either the instrumentation of a production process, process improvement or the failure mode analysis (NDE) of a process/ product, I gain significant understanding in that product/ process that I would become an expert on that part of the process; this can be attested to by various US Patents and Patents-pending.  Department-head level management. PEOPLE!!!! PROCESS!!!! DOCUMENTATION!!! PROGRESS!!!!

Accomplishments and Skills

 Electronics Engineering (EE)

Employment History

April 2009 - Now     Science and Technology Problem Solvers, Inc. – Consultant  -- Projects as listed above --Typical: AVANEX Corp; Tunable Dispersion Compensator Line – production in Shanghai and Shenzhen, China and Bangkok, Thailand. $140k/year

1997 – 2009             Sr. Research Scientist/Project ManagerCorning Inc., Corning, NY 14831: Member of a three person Impossible Situation Problem Solving Team; nano-particulate design to include: silica 3-D cellular scaffolding. Synthesis of Rutile nano-particulates for bio-processing (both patented or pending); Established Non-Destructive Analysis Lab; Consumer Products LASER, LCD and others; Tight-liaison to Harvard School of Public Health and nano-Analysis Lab (Boston, MA); Design, development and deployment of scientific measurement(s) instrumentation; Patents and Patents Pending. Internal Publications, guest-speaker/lecturer (internal/external); Ending salary $109,000/year + benefits.

1990 – 1996             Director of Biomedical Engineering – MBS Foundry, Mt. Morris, NY. Profitable Clinical Engineering services for two community hospitals: Author policy and procedure manuals; in-service education; Standing inspections from Joint Commission Accreditation of Hospitals (JCAH), NY State and Insurance Carrier - always receiving “maximum-grades”; maintenance and safety. Deployed the patented (US 5,642,238 ) Retrospex rear-vision system. Electronic Engineering for development of novel scientific instruments.

1984 – 1990             Sr. Medical Instrument Designer – Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo, NY. Designed unique medical and scientific devices for scientific and clinical staff. Biomedical engineering duties.
Independent Research: Alternative Energy Sources; Trans-dermal/coetaneous oxygenation and sample acquisition; MRI Microscope; Non-Contact Neuronal Interface(s)


State University College of New York at Buffalo; BA Biophysics. Minor EE;
SUNY at Buffalo, Ph.D. Biophysics (lacking residency, incomplete) 2001
Community Service   Scientist-In-Residence, Authentic Scientific Research Class, Campbell/Savona HS; Mentored Summer Interns; Engaged kids with science for Bring Your Kid to Work Day; Warden, Trinity Episcopal Church, Mt. Morris, NY
Military Service         Graduated 1st. in-class US Navy Advanced Electronics Command, Honorable Discharge     
Member:                  IEEE    and  OSA - Optical Society of America

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