The Customer (you) has access to a jack-of-many-trades capable of fusing them all together to achieve a success.

Today there are many schools that offer studies and degrees in Engineering Physics; back in the day, there were virtually none.

I get the biggest rush from building things, especially things that nobody else has attempted (and succeeded!). Even as a freshman, I needed to understand not only why they they worked, but how - at Nature's level. The only way to do this was the extra time to graduate while taking all manner of extra courses: this meant a degree in Biophysics with a minor in Electrical Engineering.

In the middle of higher education, adding six years with the US Navy and graduation First-in-Class from Navy Advanced Electronics Program  afforded two big perks: 1) development of my natural ability to troubleshoot and repair complex problems, equipment and systems and 2) Personality.

At your service is:

  1. A geek with personality; I talk with you not at-you
  2. Multidisciplinary Background - can discuss physics with an engineer and electrical circuits with a chemist and instrument design with a medical practitioner.
  3. Because of experience with the what makes something go, problems can be solved in many industries: Chemistry, electronics, manufacturing, medicine, optics, instrumentation and so on.
  4. An engineer that can Fix almost anything; to take a device or a process, logically troubleshoot to the root-issue and then make a repair that lasts!

This is from an Oakley Inc. recruitment ad but applies to Engineering Physicists everywhere:


From an Oakley recruiting ad and modified for taste.