What do I do?

A Registered Nurse and Friend, Gayle, an RN of inumerable years, manages the Obstetrics Unit of a bustling metropolitan hospital who serves mostly the soldiers and their families posted at Ft. Drum in the wilds of Northern New York. She is a person whose opinion I respect proofing this site and said, "Mart your resume and everything is really impressive, but what do you do?

The evening she asked that question, I could not sleep thinking, "if this really smart woman can't tell, maybe potential Customers and Peers can't either!!! In a nutshell:

I am a multidisciplinary engineer that enjoys solving “must be fixed now or die” problems and working with people; my passions being Hardware Reverse Engineering and Sensor/ Instrument Design. Over the years, I have helped bring Success to the organization performing the following tasks:

Think detective. Think Creative. Think Productive.

Skills needed to achieve this level of competency include:







I hope this helps!

Thank you.