What do I do?

A Registered Nurse and person whose opinion I respect looked at the prior version of this web site and said, "Mart your resume and everything is really impressive, but what do you do?

Gayle runs the Obstetrics Unit of a bustling metropolitan hospital that caters mostly to the soldiers and soldier's families that work out of Ft. Drum in the wilds of Northern New York. The evening she asked that question, I could not sleep thinking, "if this really smart woman can't tell, maybe potential Customers and Peers can't either!!!

So the very next day I began thinking and doing the research about what a web-site would, or should, look like. One thing I kept in mind was the previous week I updated the image on Facebook and was amazed at the positive comments. This image would go on the new site.

Here is a list that should help. It is a list of Actions not skills or competencies; those may be found from the homepage. If you are still confused, please email me with any advice!

Does this help?