Title: Instrument Designer/ Electronic Engineer - multidisciplinary

Contact: Email salama@msala.us; `phone (607)769-6385

Website: http://msala.us



Electronic Engineering/ Analytical Instrument Design - Extreme Environments. Failure-analysis, Reverse-Engineering. Delivering solutions to technical problems; inventing new products, inspiring successes at all levels. Technical Writing that is accurate, understandable and enjoyable.



SUNY Buffalo (NY); BA.

Erie Community College, Electronic Engineering

US Navy Service School Command, Advanced Electronics; Instruments and Communications





KraftHeinz/Polly-O Cheese, Campbell, NY. May 2017 Aug 17. Designing, writing and presenting materials to train the Plant Maintenance Staff in the areas of electricity, electronics, logical troubleshooting, control systems, PLCs, and anything else require. I also create materials for the labs and facilitate the labs themselves. Provide hands-on maintenance to Plant processes when problem is beyond the staff.

ABBOTT Laboratories, Princeton, NJ. Electronic Engineer. May 2015 Aug 2016. Successful completion of assignment.

Electronic Engineering Evaluate extant designs and reconcile with actual product (Point of Care Analyzer) Technical Writing Design, execution and documentation experiments of Hardware Verifications for FDA-510(k)


Consultant/ Self Employed, Theresa, NY. Instrumentation Designer. July 2009 Present. Income-producing tasks between major- assignments

Patented Rear-Vision system twenty years before popular on todays Ford vehicles

Technical Writing Reports, Patent Applications, Brochures, Policies, Web-pages

Expert ANALOG design: Power Supply, High-Voltage, Sensors, Electro-optics, electro-mechanical, LASERs

Repair any system or device using Scientific Method and Logical Trouble-Shooting; Root-Cause Failure Analysis

CAE capable SolidWorks 7, ORCAD(analog & Digital Simulation), LabVIEW, COMSOL, OptiCAD, Math Works Integrating Lean, TQM, 6-δ and Common-Sense into one consistent, User-friendly package to maximize results Sensor Package Design Subterranean live Gas-Main Repair Robot; using EMAT Ultrasound and Spectroscopy Trades proficient - machine shop, welding, plumbing, refrigeration, AC/ DC systems, pneumatics, mechanicals NDE System Design - applications (x-ray, CT, LASER, spectrographic, radiation, optical, magnetic, visual, etc.) Remote Sensing



Samaritan Medical Center, Watertown, NY. Biomedical Engineering Manager. Aug 2011 Oct 2013.

Managing a high-tech medical electronics department

Standing Inspections from JCAHO, NY-DOH, liability carriers

Insuring Safety and Proper Operation of all facility and clinic medical devices



Corning Incorporated, Corning, NY. Advanced Engineering Directorate, Sr. Research Scientist/ Instrumentation Designer. Aug 1997 Mar 2009.

Nano-particle Semiconductors; invented means to manufacture pure semiconductor in an atmosphere

Perfection of HPFS LASER-line optics at the National Ignition Facility; designed scanning LASER interferometer Rescuing the $2B Corning SMF28 Fiber Facility from patent infringement; designed on-line COF analyzer Patented a gasoline-exhaust catalytic convertor that eliminates greenhouse gasses

Founding a Non-Destructive Analysis lab, designing much of the equipment

Saving $3M loss/reservoir in Advanced Life-Sciences Genomics; using X-ray CT and Confocal Microscopy

Eliminated Platinum loss in Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) saving $100s/ filter loss




Electronic Engineering/ Analytical Instrument Design. Failure-analysis, Reverse-Engineering. Delivering solutions to technical problems; inventing new products, inspiring successes at all levels. Technical Writing that is accurate, understandable and enjoyable.



Military Service

US Navy, Advanced Electronics, Honorable Discharge; Top-Secret Clearance (1981)

US Navy Service School Command, Great Lakes, IL


LEAN Green-Belt; Six Sigma White Belt

EPA Certificate 608

Fluent in all aspects of English communication.

Conversant in German and French.



7 US Patents awarded, 23 Applications


Core Competencies



Designs instruments and Sensors for unforgiving environments

Originates Cutting-Edge Solutions using novel optical, electronic and mechanical means


Medical Instrument Design

Independent Operations; Minimal Supervision


Solved last-ditch instrumentation problems on a Global basis

Analog Electronics Design, Vacuum Tubes, A to D, D to A, Discrete Devices

Technical Writing Patents,

User Manuals, Service

Manuals, Funding Briefs


Reverse Engineering/ Post Mortems


R & D Project/ Team Management



Machine Shop Techniques including: Lathe, Vertical Mill, Drilling, Sheet-Metal Forming, Tapping and Assembly

Mechanical Drafting using SolidWorks 7

Design, prototyping and deployment of Hard-Wired and Virtual Instruments

Woodworking Savvy with both Machine and Hand Tools (see: http://msala.us/ExamplesofWork.html

Intimate with Naval Vessel Shipboard Systems including Propulsion, Electricity Generation and Communications

Oxy/Acetylene Brazing, Cutting and Welding; AC Arc Welding

Productions Machine as found in a at Polly-O Cheese





Integrating an understanding of the Physical-Universe with the Practicality of an Engineer

Title: Instrument Designer/ Electronic Engineer - multidisciplinary

Contact: Email salama@msala.us; `phone (607)769-6385

Website: http://msala.us



Delivering solutions to technical problems; inventing new products, inspiring successes at all levels.



Opportunity Specific Addendum:


Considered an expert by peers maintaining production and environmental systems, instrumentation design, sensors and remote sensing; advise and instruct others in implementation of this work on a regular basis and am consulted by colleagues and/or superiors to aid with unusually complex situations.


1. Design, prototype, Troubleshoot and Deploy acceleration, pressure, acoustic, strain, position and thermal sensors utilizing electro-mechanical, electronic and optical devices for continuous use where extremes of VIBRATION, TEMPERATURE, EM-FIELDS, TOXIC-GASES, and CLENLINESS are an everyday event

2. FDA-510k: Develop experiments, review design documentation and write instrument Verifications proving instrument function as stated; Have familiarity with FDA approval process and requirements for safety and efficacy

3. Reverse Engineering leading to Cost Reduction and availability of vintage components



4. Proposes electro-mechanical instruments and devices that address complex clinical and market needs

5. Design prototypes and feasibility models for proof of concept testing

6. Progress development of novel instruments from prototype through product commercialization



7. Drive efforts to verify and validate new instrument designs

8. Extensive controls and motor and robot design

9. Experience working with ISO requirements, GMP guidelines, FDA regulations, medical device design control, and manufacturing scale-up processes



10. Experience with design of surgical tools and understanding of the clinical requirements for such tools

(endoscopy and electrocautery)

11. Previous start-up experience, and/or a resourceful innovative nature with an ability to streamline or develop efficient processes (MBS Foundry, Inc. Retrospex)

12. Works across disciplinary boundaries in order to develop multidisciplinary solutions to complex problems



Name: Sala, Martin

Title: Instrument Designer/ Electronic Engineer - multidisciplinary

Contact: Email salama@msala.us; `phone (607)769-6385

Website: http://msala.us



13. Develop solutions to mitigate or eliminate obstructions to project completion

14. Preliminary research of projects to help determine product feasibility



15. Provides design and production guidelines, requirements, and procedures to design and manufacturing engineers to sustain production-lines in adverse and extreme environments

16. Because of the extensive multidisciplinary experience in systems and devices, maintenance, using the

Logical Troubleshooting Method and the Scientific Method, can quickly perform repairs.

17. Utilizes software tools such as Microsoft Office, Word-Perfect, Photo-Shop, SolidWorks (for technical drawings), OrCAD for electronic projects, OPTICAD for optics, Mathcad, LabVIEW and COMSOL



18. US Patent Applications: Research and write pre-application Patent applications

19. Develop novel technologies that significantly extend the capability of the existing technology

20. Writes proposals to secure and manage funding; NIH, DoD and NASA



21. Document the development process so it may be applied to IP or future projects

22. Reviews design or project plans to assign tasks to other engineering/scientific functions

23. Invention Disclosures; pre-Patent documentation



24. Develops briefings for the delivery of program information to government leaders and key groups

25. Experienced with semiconductor manufacturing process; H+ implantation; SOI , Patented

26. Designs Instruments that use P for control and communication with Analog Sensors



27. Uses advanced engineering/scientific techniques, requirements, methods, sources, and procedures in a specialty area to perform job functions

28. Interprets project requirements to formulate project plans to successfully execute projects

29. Contributes to project/program management functions to enhance team knowledge



30. Using Fundamental Engineering Theory, provide Experimental, design, reduction to practice of many NDE instruments including, UT, ET and varieties, X-ray, MRI, CT, microscopy, optical systems, spectroscopy, and Remote Sensing applications



31. Author and lecturer for places like Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Autonomous Medical School at

Mexico City, conferences etc.

32. Delivers lectures and talks at Universities, conferences and internally

33. Leads engineering/scientific teams to execute projects safely, within budget, and on schedule




34. Facilitates relationships between peers, sponsor organizations, key stakeholders, higher-level management, and industry to ensure engineering products are provided on schedule.

35. Leads conferences/meetings to discuss issues and influence decision making

36. Provides data analysis, modeling, and test and evaluation.



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