Remote Sensing

Of the things that I do, Remote Sensing is one of the coolest (oh, I've said that about NDE???).

Remote Sensing takes the tools of lab and makes them mobile, allowing an analysis of composition of something external to the analysis device.

The classic example that I used earlier was that of a Multispectral Imager carried in an aircraft searching for Fir Trees far below. This could as easily be utilized to find marijuana, poppies, foxglove (digoxin or digitalis) or any other plant as long as one knows the spectral response.


Reflectance spectra of different types of green vegetation compared to a spectral signature for senescent leaves (Smith, 2001a) Download paper. 

The camera is set-up to have channels that are tuned to the specific wavelength of the reflected light from the plants. For example, if there were no fir trees in the camera view, the Violet line would be missing.The really cool aspect of this method is you can instruct the system to print an image of the terrain you are sensing with the Grass green, the Fir Trees Violet, the Walnut Trees Blue and one has an exact map of the location of each plant.