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National Ignition Facility (NIF) at Lawrence Livermore Labs, Star Trek and MA Sala


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Applications for US Patents (select few)


Acoustic Determination of Shape of LCD Glass On-the-Draw

 Using ultrasonic techniques and Fourier-techniques, a "displacement" map was abel to be created, showing the operators where, and how much, the glass was bowing. An additional feature was an ability to sense "missing" flow and gross defects defining a catastrophic failure in the draw, and a rough (within 50°C) of temperature. 

Privatizing Fax Machine; Privifax

In 1991 I developed to the point of submitting an application for US Patent for a machine that delivered facsimiles in a sealed envelope and addressed with the recipient's name.  

    A fax would arrive and if to be a "private fax" address data from the cover-sheet was printed on the front of an envelope. The fax was then "stuffed" into the envelope, was sealed and delivered to the outside world.

 At that time I was profoundly naïve and had not yet learned about Non-disclosure Agreements and written business arrangements; thinking all was cool on a hand-shake. My business partner, a wealthy neurosurgeon, had other ideas; I was temporarily financially ruined by his deceit and the project died a premature death.


But think of it: Nobody could read your fax without violating physical security means!