Morgan Beaglemann is an experimental theologian* dedicated to helping Humankind get over itself and to get on with experiencing the Gift of Life.


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Morgan's Maxims

Trust no one.

Trust is potentially viable only where there is mutual respect. Choose carefully those you trust.

Never Underestimate your foe, adversary or competitor.

Anyone Can Spontaneously Become Your Foe.

A Cure Works In Proportion to the Amount it is Believed.

Never Underestimate What a Desperate Individual Will Attempt.

If An Individual Treats You as if They Don’t Like You, They Probably Don’t.

Being "In-Control" Is an Illusion. It is Fostered By the Rest bit Created When the Forces That Will Work Against You Aren’t Doing So At the Moment.

Let Others See of You Only What You Want Them To See.

Do Not Offer Now What You Will Regret Later: Be Generous Only For the Moment.

When Put to the Test, The Only Individual Someone Will Treat as a Son, Is a Son.

The Gods will Help You As Much As You Will Allow.

Don’t Depend on the Gods; Their Mission May Not Be the Same As Yours.

People Will Love You While You’re Climbing to the Top and Loathe You When You Arrive.

Sometimes We Must Burn a Bridge to Keep the Foe On the Other Side of the River.

Left In the Hands of the Uninformed, Our World Will Surely Perish.

Do Not Place Limits Upon the Gods.

For the Individual, Time is not a Renewable Resource.

Being "Good" or "Bad" Has Little Bearing on The Outcome of Events Beyond Your Direct Control.

Good should only be done for the sake of doing good; otherwise, don't bother.

Freedom, like a marriage, must be constantly earned to be kept vital

"Good" and "Bad" are relative to the times ones lives in.

Evil is an expedient created by an individual in-power to perpetrate evil.

Dogs live to be caressed by their person.

Survival is not an option; it is a mandate.

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