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Consultant/ Engineer For Hire:     Instruments, Sensors, NDE, Robots, Analyzers, Remote- Sensing, Optics, Measurements,Technical Writing, Really Troubling Maintenance Problems, Process Control


NDE, Remote Sensing, Measurements and Instruments, Sensors - design, prototype, build, deploy
Design/ construction of most types of process or measurement equipment – Industrial – Medical - Production
CAD capable – SolidWorks 7, ORCAD, LabView, COMSOL, OptiCAD, MathWorks
Expert ANALOG design: Power Supplies, High-Voltage, Sensors, Electro-optics, electro-mechanical, LASER systems
Electro-mechanical and Chemical Systems – Robotics Sensors - Napkin, Prototype to Production:
Repair any system or device using Scientific Method and Logical Trouble-Shooting; Root-Cause Failure Analysis
Individual Contributor through Project-Leader/ Manager; NIH Principle Investigator
Trades proficient: machine shop, welding, plumbing, refrigeration, AC/ DC systems, Biomedical Electronics
Specialty Materials production including Semiconductors, LASERs, fuel-cells, ultra-caps, glass, ceramics,
Interacting with Customer as a consultant, engineer, expert and always an Advocate
Expert Technical Writing – Reports, Patents, Brochures, Policies, Web-pages

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