Measurement Instruments, Sensors, Remote Sensing, NDE, Figuring-Out "What It’s Made Out Of" or “Is It Broken”

Technical Writing

Fabricating Prototypes

→ Utilities

→ Design New Equipment

→ Chemical Manufacturers

→ Materials Manufacturers

→ Process Improvement

→ Impossible Problems








Electro-mechanical and Process Instrument Systems – Napkin, Prototype to Production
Photometers, colorimeters, process-sensing (temperature, pressure, humidity. . .), flow, conductivity
Design of analysis instruments: x-ray based, density, salinity, pH, viscosity, spectrographic techniques - materials/ chemical process
Remote Sensing: depth, temperature, flows, chemical make-up, identity, dimensions, interferometry
Non-Destructive Evaluation: x-ray, CT, MRI, Ultrasound, Radio-frequency (RF), LASER
Medical Equipment Design/ Maintenance of: physiological monitoring, research, new devices/ products
CAD capable – SolidWorks 7, ORCAD, LabView,COMSOL, OptiCAD, MathWorks
Expert ANALOG design including Power Supplies, Sensors, Electro-optics, electro-mechanical systems
Repair any system or device using Scientific Method and Logical Trouble-Shooting<br />
PLCs and other process controls: designed, programmed, implemented, deployed<br />
Specialty Materials production including Semiconductors, LASERs, fuel-cells, ultra-caps, glass, ceramics,
Expert Technical Writing – Reports, Patents, Brochures, Policies, Web-pages, Lectures/ Presentations

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